HOLZER Motorsport

With HOLZER speed to success.

In no other area does professional speed, accuracy and quality play such a decisive role as in motorsport. It is not only on the racetrack and in the pit lane where everything hinges on every second and every action. Preparation  plays a key role on the road to success. So professional vehicle construction,precision and highly-flexible car part logistics smooth the way for breath-taking driver performances.

For over 35 years now, our customers have valued our innovation and thus our professional development and design performance. This did not only result in people having a tale to tell but also in outstanding success.

Do we make the impossible possible? Indeed we do ! We only have to focus on perfection and rapid processing cycles.

Day in, day out we provide  our international partners with successful results.

In line with our philosophy: We make success orderable.

We make success orderable.

Our services in the field of motorsport