HOLZER Automotive Services

Decades of experience in automotive services.

For decades, our partners have decided that  we are the place to go for professionalism and speed in the area of automotive services.Ranging from customer services through to accident repair and vintage/veteran car restoration. Our modern, approved master workshop provides our customers with a wide  range of unrivalled services subject to constant further development and quality assurance including special series developments,complete reconstruction of vehicles, paintwork, performance testing down to electronic engineering.

HOLZER Automotive Services is your centre of excellence as a:

  • high quality specialist partner workshop for big insurance companies and leasing companies for paint and bodywork repair.
  • Vehicle optimisation and vehicle preparation for international and national product presentations such as trade shows, dealer presentations and events.
  • Prototyping and preparation of special and standard vehicles - the first mobile version of a series model may thus be developed in our enterprise
  • Special conversions: Vehicle extension and preparation of armoured vehicles
  • Restoration: individually designed vehicle adaptation, reconstructions, custom-made designs, including a vehicle registration service.


Specialised body shop and paint centre


HOLZER Karosserie- und Lackierzentrum GmbH
Bgm.-Schlosser-Straße 4
86199 Augsburg/Inningen
Phone: +49 821 90 60 20

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday
08:00 AM bis 06:00 PM




We make success orderable.

Our services in the field of automotive services

  • KFZ Service - Qualitätssicherung

KFZ - Service Qualitätssicherung:

  • DEKRA-Zertifizierung nach DIN ISO 9001 : 2015
  • Vertrauenswerkstatt von über 40 namhaften Versicherungen im Innovation Group AG Verbund