What rocks mankind, has been rocking us for a long, long time!


E-mobility is considered to be one of the crucial factors in a global energy revolution. Not only in Germany.


For many years now and in many development projects, the HOLZER Corporate Group has consistently focused on sustainable and high-performance solutions in the future-oriented field of electromobility.


In co-operation with universities, research institutes, industry partners and ministries, we have designed our electromobiles for the present and future.


Services in the area of e mobility

  • Preparation of concepts for the overall development of vehicles and components
  • Development of solution strategies for complex problems and challenges
  • Project management, preparation of project planning and resource planning
  • Design and preparation of prototypes for test drives or for demonstration purposes
  • Provision of experts and expert teams for e mobility
  • Design, application and servicing of measuring sensor systems for test and prototype vehicles or test setups
  • Preparation of test vehicles and production of small series
  • Organisation and evaluation of test drives
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