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Since many years, our experts support you in procuring specialised and senior management staff in many areas. Our extensive portfolio of offering highly-motivated personnel for your enterprise covers a wide range of services.
We live personnel work! HOLZER Human Resources is not only characterized by years of experience as temporary-employment agency but moreover plans the complete internal manpower requirement of the HOLZER Firmengruppe. The direct relation and the closeness to people distinguish ourselves clearly from other temporary-employment agencies. We will capture your requirements effectively and implement them with competence, passion and a lot of experience.


We understand what is important and are looking forward to support you!

We make success orderable.

Our services in the field Human Services

  • Personnel leasing
  • Direct personnel recruitment
  • On-site service
  • Master Vendor
  • Contract to produce a work
  • Outplacement
  • Our service sectors:
  • Service Center

Within the framework of the personnel leasing, you will be able to get a first impression on a potential new employee. You may then decide about a permanent employment as and when required at a later time.


We organise — you benefit!


With our direct personnel recruitment, we support you in your search for experienced as well as qualified personnel. To find suitable candidates for the selection, we access our job candidate and staff pool, we put out corresponding tenders and approach candidates directly.


We will find the personnel that suits your requirements!


As on-site partner, we support you on the ground in all respects around the subject personnel. We will gladly assume for you all issues around personnel leasing. We support your human resources manager and thus relieve your resources.


We strengthen your personnel management on-site!



As Master Vendor we act as general contractor and coordinate the personnel recruitment for all your service companies. You may thus centrally manage your specialists and your existing external staff in a completely flexible and comfortable way. All under one roof, flexibly and independently. 


We coordinate your personnel requirements!




Contracts to produce a work are an attractive solution to implement complete projects for you with a direct responsibility for results. Flexibility, low-risk and predictability — specifically in the technical field. We apply also complex projects under our own responsibility and with competence.


We create results!

There are multiple reasons for the necessity of outplacement. Whether it is a site relocation, a reduction of jobs or in case the “chemistry” between employees and staff simply went bad. A good outplacement guidance represents a direct practical help.


We approach any such new placement in an active way. We provide a varied and intensive job-application coaching and give support in the preparation of professional application documents. We investigate thoroughly for suitable jobs, both in the open job market and in particular also in the concealed job market. Our support and assistance accelerates and facilitates the necessary process.


We support you thoroughly and professionally!


• Automotive area

• Industry

• Aviation

• Distribution

• Medical technology

• Finances

• Human Resources

• Commercial jobs

For us service means partnership.


We are available for you at all times. We are ready to listen to your requests, and come to your rescue  even with overnight solutions for any kind of problems with which you are faced!




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