Electronics / Mechatronics

Perfection is only our first step of many


In mechatronics especially, absolute precision is a must. At the interface between mechanics, electronics and informatics, we have developed know-how for you which is the key to success.

Our team of experts will only be too happy to meet your requirements, however complex they may be.

Our success in the area of mechatronics is also guaranteed by our experience gained in e mobility projects and by the speed at which we work. Our famous HOLZER Speed.


Services in the electrical and mechatronic sector:

  • Design of electrical and mechatronics units and systems
  • Design, application and servicing of measuring sensor systems for test and prototype vehicles or test setups
  • Selection and sourcing of electrical parts
  • Design of top-quality cable assemblies and components
  • Assembly and programming of mechatronics systems
  • Installation and testing of hardware and software components
  • Mounting of cable assemblies and installation of electrical assemblies and components
  • Maintenance and optimisation of mechatronics systems
  • Repairs to cable assemblies and of electrical components
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Electronics / Mechatronics