2nd place for the ADAC Opel Rally Junior Team on Gran Canaria

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
  • Another podium place for Mārtiņš Sesks in the Opel ADAM R2 at the Rally Islas Canarias
  • Team mate Tom Kristensson scores the first points with fourth place
  • In the intermediate standings of the European Junior Rally Championship Sesks now occupies second place



Rüsselsheim/Munich/Las Palmas. The ADAC Opel Rally Junior Team took second place on the podium in the second round of the European Junior Rally Championship (FIA ERC Junior) in 2018. After third place in the opening race in the Azores, the 18-year-old Latvian Mārtiņš Sesks in an Opel ADAM R2 took second place in the Rally Islas Canarias, taking second place in the intermediate classification of the FIA ERC Junior, while his Swedish team mate Tom Kristensson (27) finished fourth in the Las Palmas asphalt competition on Gran Canaria after his retirement at the start of the season.


From the beginning Sesks and his co-driver Renārs Francis had a fierce fight with the Portuguese Diogo Gago and the Spaniard Efrén LLarena for the lead. At the end of the first day, the Opel-Junior secured a seven tenth of a second lead over Gago, which earned him seven bonus points. On day two Sesks again put pressure on the more experienced Peugeot pilots, but after 14 special stages Gago had to admit defeat over more than 200 kilometres in only 8.9 seconds. All the more remarkable as the Rally Islas Canarias was the first asphalt competition ever for the young Baltic.


"I'm very happy with my second podium finish in a row," beamed Sesks. "I had to realize how incredibly late you can brake on asphalt with the ADAM R2 and what crazy cornering speeds are possible with this car. In addition, we quickly realized how important an accurate record is on these super-fast pistes. I soon found a good rhythm, the fight against the Peugeots and my colleague Tom were great fun. At the same time, I didn't want to risk the last to avoid putting the podium place on the line. Llarena's retirement has also shown how quickly such a rally can be over. Since I could only form an opinion about gravel so far, I must now say: "Driving on asphalt is really fun, and even more so with the ADAM R2!


Tom Kristensson and his co-driver Henrik Appelskog were not completely satisfied with the course of the rally. Last year's ADAC Opel Rallye Cup champion lost a few seconds on the first day on sometimes wet and slippery roads in difficult conditions, and although he got much better momentum on Saturday, he was no longer within striking distance in order to be able to intervene in the fight for the podium positions. "It took too long to find a good rhythm, especially on Friday," admitted Kristensson self-critically. "On the other hand, it would have been a mistake to force success. Above all, because it was eminently important to collect the first points after the breakdown in the Azores. I always understand better what it takes to drive the ADAM R2 as fast as the car's performance. It's time to build on that."


The third round of the FIA ERC Junior U27 takes the up-and-coming European rally elite to the outskirts of the Italian capital. The Rally di Roma Roma Capitale will again take place on asphalt against a historic backdrop from 20 to 22 July.





Stand FIA ERC Junior U27 after 2 of 6 runs:

1 Gago 77. 2. Sesks 57. 3. Llarena 33. 4. Wagner 29. 5. Broz 23. 6. Kristensson 19. 7. Munnings 16. 8. Blach 15. 9. Vita 12.


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