Disillusioning race weekend for EFP by TECE at the Nürburgring

Monday, August 6, 2018

Black race weekend for the two Audi R8 LMS of Team EFP by TECE at races 7 and 8 of the ADAC GT Masters at the Nürburgring. Although they travelled to the Eifel in a highly motivated and well-prepared manner, under the technical aegis of Holzer Motorsport, they finally drove home empty-handed.


Already the first qualifying on Saturday did not go according to plan, the grid positions 24 for the car with the starting number 12 by Florian Spengler (30, Ellwangen) and Dries Vanthoor (20, Hasselt/B) as well as the grid position 33 for the sister car with the 11 by Elia Erhart (30, Roth) and Pierre Kaffer (41, Salenstein/CH) were anything but a good starting position. Especially as the power density in the ADAC GT Masters 2018 exceeds all dimensions. No less than 31 vehicles were in the first qualifying within one second. Catching up in the race is like a Herculean task. The first run was finished early for the 12 after a collision between Spengler and a competitor, while Erhart/Kaffer were still working their way up to 17th place.


In the second qualifying session on Sunday morning Dries Vanthoor set an exclamation mark with the ninth-best time. However, because of the offence in Saturday's race, the race control had already announced a reassignment of ten starting positions against this vehicle. The EFP by TECE-Audi started from positions 19 and 26. And that's not all: Already in the first lap Vanthoor was turned around in the turmoil at the end of the NGK chicane. To make matters worse, the race organizers later imposed a drive-through penalty against start number 12 due to the minimum pit stop time of 70 seconds, and Kaffer/Erhart crossed the finish line at position 28.


Team boss Thomas Holzer was served: "This weekend there really was a worm in it. Already the test on Thursday did not go as we would have wished. The first qualifying went wrong and the penalty against Florian after touching him in the first run of course had a direct effect on the starting position in race 2, although Dries had been super in qualifying but was unfortunately stopped by the red flag in his fastest lap. In the race he lost radio contact with Dries, whereupon he came into the pits one lap too late and at the same time as Pierre. In the following hectic Florian left a little too early. A real weekend to forget, as it can happen in motorsport. We attack again in two weeks at Zandvoort."



Next race:  ADAC GT Masters / Zandvoort (NL) / Circuit Zandvoort / August 17th 2018 - August 19th 2018



Pictures Copyright Werner Wagner


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