Dramatic decision in ADAC Opel Rallye Cup

Monday, June 4, 2018


  • The Swede Elias Lundberg wins the second round of the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup 2018
  • A crash by inaugural winner Karl-Martin Volver ends a rousing top duel
  • Strong Germans at the AvD-Sachsen-Rally: First podium place 2018 for Nico Knacker



Rüsselsheim/Munich. Rallying can sometimes be merciless. Up to the eleventh of twelve special stages (SS), Karl-Martin Volver (19, Estonia) and Elias Lundberg (20, Sweden) fought a thrilling tenth of a second duel for the lead in the second round of the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup as part of the AvD-Sachsen Rally around Zwickau. The gap between the two rivals in the overall standings was never more than 4.0 seconds, and the Luxembourg Grégoire Munster (19) was always within striking distance of the top duo with a maximum 12.5 seconds gap.


But in the penultimate special stage of the spectacular asphalt race (SS11), rally leader Volver made the decisive mistake. Thanks to the highly effective safety concept of the Opel ADAM Cup, he and co-driver Marten Madissoo got out of their car unharmed after the rollover, but of course all hopes of victory were gone. "That's the way this sport is: One mistake can be one too many. And then it doesn't matter how well it had gone before. The important thing is that Marten and I are safe. Fortunately, the ADAM Cup is a very safe car," emphasised Volver, the winner of the opening race.


After second place at the ADAC Saarland-Pfalz Rally, Elias Lundberg and co-driver David Arhusiander celebrated their first victory in the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup and thus clearly took the lead of the standings, especially as they also scored the five bonus points for most SS best times (7) and five extra points in the "Power Stage" (WP12) and thus the maximum score of 50 points possible in a Cup round. "It was a tough fight from start to finish," Lundberg described. "The rally was great, fast and fluid, it was a lot of fun. Going home with full points is incredible. Of course I'm sorry for Karl-Martin, I would have liked to have continued this fantastic duel until the end. But most importantly, these two are okay. And in Stemwede the fun starts all over again!"


Grégoire Munster/Johan Jalet and the Belgians Romain Delhez/Gerome Bollette were held up by the Volver accident and lost several minutes on the track, which were subsequently credited to them by the rally management. Munster/Jalet celebrated second place on the podium in 2018 and their best result in the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup. Third and best German was once again Nico Knacker (21, Siedenburg), who delivered a strong rally together with co-driver Enrico Flores-Trigo and agreed with his performance at the finish: "Everything worked quite well. We now know where we can attack even more. There is still room for improvement in the very fast passages, and we will work on that now. But first we are happy about the podium place and important points."


Behind Delhez/Bollette, who finished fourth despite 30 seconds penalty for not passing a chicane correctly in SS3, and the strong Britons Frederic Field/Josh Davison, two other German teams put the pedal to the metal in Saxony. Sixth place came as a surprise for David Havlat (27, Großschönau) and Co Paul Stein himself. Havlat: "We had planned to finish in 11th place, one rank better than at the start. One key was that I started braking with my left foot for the first time. That worked very well." With seventh place Max Schumann (25, Riegelsberg) and co-driver Maresa Lade proved that they had clinched the title in the ADAC Rally Masters last year for a reason. "We really noticed the strong competition in the Cup for the first time. It went back and forth the whole time. We have clearly reduced the distance to the top. And even if it annoys me that we missed a bit this morning and lost two places in the last SS - it was a great rally, I'm looking forward to what's yet to come," said the Saarländer.


In just three weeks' time, the participants of the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup can look forward to "a new one". The third round of the season will take place on 15/16 June as part of the ADAC Rallye Stemweder Berg.






Points ADAC Opel Rallye Cup (after 2 of 8 runs): 1. Lundberg 82 Punkte. 2. Munster 59. 3. Volver 50. 4. Delhez 39. 5. Knacker 36. 6. Griebel 32. 7. Schumann 29. 8. Havlat 28. 9. Sartor 27. 10. Schmidt 21. 11. Field 20. 12. Wacker 18.






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