The HOLZER Corporate Group cooperates with the Augsburg Technology Centre

Friday, October 3, 2014

Development of resource efficient products and processes under one roof.

For a few months now, the German media have been informing us that hardly any innovation labelled 'Made in Germany' has been successfully introduced onto the global market over the last two decades.


Although this might be a slightly exaggerated statement, as the outstanding success of many so-called 'hidden champions' on the world market can undoubtedly be attributed  to the products that have
 strongly inspired customers worldwide (innovations), there seems to be a grain of truth in this statement.


In a country like Germany with limited natural resources, we are strongly dependent on products being successful on the international market. With this in mind, the region of Augsburg and the Free State of Bavaria among others initiated a ground-breaking project years ago: the Augsburg Innovations Park with its centrepiece, the Technology Centre (TZA).


This Technology Centre is not only designed for different companies to simply act in coexistence but to develop and use the highest possible synergy effects ranging between the basic research of universities and institutes to applied research and the development and marketing of products.


In addition to the larger enterprises in our Swabian region, such as the companies KUKA, PAG,Fujitsu etc., new business opportunities are provided, in particular, for small and medium-sized business, the so-called SMB!


With the cooperation in and with the Augsburg Technology Centre, many enterprises can benefit from additional export opportunities due to the successful development of new, inspiring and resource-efficient products and services.


For quite some time and together with numerous partners, the HOLZER Corporate Group has been greatly involved in the Augsburg Technology Centre project as a high-tech enterprise and innovation service provider.

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