Missing racing luck in Czech Most

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

After their successful season opener and the first points at Oschersleben, TECE's new EFP team wanted to build on their good performances at the two GT Masters races in Most, Czech Republic.



Team Erhart //Kaffer

With seventh place in the first free practice session, the weekend started extremely promising for the driver duo Elia Erhart // Pierre Kaffer.

Elia Erhart: "Our Audi R8 LMS felt extremely good here in Most, which was also reflected in the time tableau. Unfortunately, however, we did not quite manage to transfer the good performance from free practice into qualifying. Here we still have considerable reserves at the next races," says Erhart. "This season everything is so close together that you need a perfect lap to be one hundred percent in front at the end. It's really incredible how close it gets. "The first 25 cars in qualifying were within a second." After the difficult qualifying Elia Erhart wanted to do better in the race. But after a good start, several vehicles collided immediately in front of him.
Elia Erhart: "Suddenly, unfortunately, I was in the middle of a mass collision and had no chance to avoid it. "Although we were able to continue our journey, we fell back to the end of the field."
But at the end of the race the driver duo crossed the finish line in 19th place.
On Sunday the race continued from 26th position. Erharts team mate Pierre Kaffer drove the start this time, but also he was unlucky. "Another participant drove us to the back of the stern and he pushed us onto the car in front of us, so to speak. Unfortunately, the damage to our car was too severe, so we had to give up prematurely after the accident."



Team Plumber // Vanthoor

Florian Spengler: "We have tested extensively on this demanding track and were really very well prepared and hope for a lot here.

Unfortunately, things should be different. Already the qualifying on Saturday morning promised little good, because when Florian Spengler just had his tyres on the peak and started his fast lap the qualifying was interrupted with a red flag.
"But the time is still running, we couldn't use the optimum of the tyres any more and then there was no longer a really free lap, so it is only 27th on the grid" explains Florian.

In the following race it should get even worse, already in the first lap Florian Spengler was involved in an accident: "My start was good, but unfortunately a competitor tackled the first chicane very optimistically, flew before curve two directly in front of me over the kerbs back on the track and caused a collision with several vehicles. I had to brake hard, got a blow from behind and ended up in the gravel bed myself. Unfortunately so low that I couldn't get out of it, especially since the hit from behind put the gearbox on idle. I can't believe it, the end already after the first corner, that's mega disappointing", Florian describes the situation.

Also the second race should not go better. Dries Vanthoor had made a good start in the fourth row in qualifying. But unfortunately Vanthoor also retired prematurely after a collision in Sunday's race through no fault of his own.
"We haven't had so much bad luck for a long time, we were convinced that we could achieve a good result here again. The saying that's racing is no consolation," Florian concludes.

Despite this, TECE's EFP team made a significant leap forward compared to the season opener at Oschersleben.
Elia Erhart: "This is mainly due to the good cooperation with the Holzer group of companies. The guys are doing a fantastic job in the technical field. It's almost like they've been in the ADAC GT Masters for years, even though they've only just started."



Next race:  ADAC GT Masters / Spielberg (A) / Red Bull Ring / 08 June 2018 - 10 June 2018



Picture Copyright Michael Ehrensperger

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