The Opel juniors show off in the blizzard

Saturday, March 3, 2018
  •     Extremely difficult conditions at the start of the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup 2018
  •     Karl-Martin Volver wins the start of the Cup season and sensationally occupies 4th place overall
  •     Three 19-year-old talents - Volver, Lundberg and Munster - on the podium


Rüsselsheim/Munich. The weather god did not mean well with the participants of the ADAC Saarland-Pfalz Rally. Snow and ice in frosty temperatures made the start of the German Rally Championship and the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup a sleigh ride. But the young teams in their Opel ADAM Cup defied the adverse conditions extremely successfully. After an exciting fight the Estonians Karl-Martin Volver/Marten Madissoo won against the Swedish duo Elias Lundberg/David Arhusiander, who were still at the top of the impressive Opel field after the snowy Friday stages. With third place the Luxembourg Grégoire Munster and his Belgian co-driver Johan Jalet celebrated their first podium place in the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup, closely followed by "Rückkehrer" Felix Griebel (Hahnweiler) and his co-driver Sascha Altekrüger, who were able to be celebrated as the best placed German team at their home game.


Especially remarkable: Volver as the best placed pilot of a two-wheel drive vehicle in the midst of the sometimes twice as strong four-wheel drive cars took the sensational fourth place in the overall standings of the ADAC Saarland-Pfalz Rallye! And just as remarkable: Despite the adverse circumstances, only one Cup participant did not see the finish in St. Wendel.


"Five-time success" for Opel

In the treacherous conditions, the lively ADAM showed their all-round qualities. In the sixth special stage, Cup driver Frederic Field as runner-up overall only missed the fastest time by three seconds. A total of three of the 140-hp Cup ADAM cars placed in the top 5 in this stage, with the result on the evening before even more impressive at the "Special Stage" in the heart of St. Gallen. Wendels, when no less than five Opel cars - the Swede Tom Kristensson in the ADAM R2 of the ADAC Opel Rally Junior Team, followed by four Cup cars - turned a long nose and occupied the first five positions in the overall standings. Of course, the fast ADAM crowd had benefited from the fact that the all-wheel-drivers in front of them had cleared a little snow from their ideal line.


"What a fantastic debut in this strong cup," beamed winner Volver, who, like the other two pilots, is just 19 years old on the podium. "My first rally on snowy tarmac and with normal winter tyres without spikes was a very impressive experience. It was incredibly hard, but at the same time it was a lot of fun. "I'm very curious how we're going to beat each other on tarmac at the coming rallies." Second-placed Lundberg expressed similar satisfaction: "We are by no means disappointed about a missed victory, but are very happy about this second place. These conditions were all about one thing: survival!"


Felix Griebel was not completely happy after the narrowly lost final duel against Munster: "Of course I would have preferred to finish on the podium. On the other hand, I have never driven a rally in such bad conditions. So I'm pleased that we've seen the target and scored good points." Max Schumann (Riegelsberg) and his co-driver Maresa Lade became the second-best German in the ranking. "It could have gone even better yesterday," said last year's ADAC Rally Masters champion. "But I didn't take any more risks on Saturday. The points were more important to me. After all, we succeeded in passing Sartor in the last test." Nico Knacker and his new co Enrico Flores trigo, on the other hand, were unlucky and lost a lot of time after a contact with a tree on Friday, but the next day they mixed in again and gained self-confidence with the best time in the tenth special stage.


After the turbulent start the participants of the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup now have plenty of time to breathe deeply. The second round of the season will take place on 25/26 May as part of the AvD-Sachsen-Rallye around Zwickau.


Points ADAC Opel Rallye Cup (after 1 of 8 runs):

Volver 1, 50 points. 2. Lundberg 32. 3. Munster 28. 4. Griebel 23. 5. Delhez 17. 6. Schumann 15. 7. Sartor and Johnston, 14. 9. Knacker 12. 10. Schmidt 11. 11. Wacker 10. 12. Havlat 9.



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