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Hardly any sport is as varied as motorsport. No wonder that it holds a fascination for people worldwide.


We are proud to have been part of the motorsport family for more than 40 years now. Motorsport is deeply embedded in the HOLZER Corporate Group staff's genes. In motorsport, we make the seemingly impossible possible for our partners. And without getting into a rush. We question conventional thinking patterns and thus achieve outstanding results and success.


Success = Speed x HOLZER

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We make success order able.

Our performances in the field of motorsport

These customers trust us

  • Manufacture and Assembly
  • Electronics / Mechatronics
  • Automobile Electronics
  • Quality control
  • Automotive Services
  • Vehicle and Component Testing
  • Hospitality and Events
  • Service teams
  • Logistics
  • Service Center

Our machinery is designed  for the production of high-end-components for aviation and industry. For example we manufacture high-tech Parts for a variety of Airplanes as well as roadworthy e mobile special vehicles up to small series for motorsport (from a production batch of one to about 100 vehicles)


State-of-the-art CNC-machines have a network connection to the CAD-CAM work stations . In this way, extreme accuracy and optimal workflow in the manufacturing process are guaranteed in an effective and highly efficient way.


We are:

  • DIN ISO 9001 : 2015 certified
  • QSA-A Certified  (certified company for aviation, aerospace and equipment industry)
  • equipped with special tools for the machining of highly-resistant materials (for example titanium


Services in the area of production:

  • CAM-supported CNC manufacture on up to 6-axis milling centres for the machining of complex
  • components (component dimension up to 1.800mm in length)
  • Wire-eroding and sink erosion
  • High-precision welding
  • DMSB certified manufacture and installation of rollover structures
  • Own jig department, tooling shop and mould construction
  • Permanent quality control on state-of-the-art measuring systems
    • Measuring of shape and position tolerances
    • Measuring of surface roughness
    • Preparation of documentation


Services in the area of assembly:

  • Preparation of vehicles ranging from prototypes to small series
  • Vehicle preparation mounting plate 3,000x6,000mm with mobile gauge arm
  • Assembly of components
  • Mechanical component design

Perfection is only our first step of many


In mechatronics especially, absolute precision is a must. At the interface between mechanics, electronics and informatics, we have developed know-how for you which is the key to success.

Our team of experts will only be too happy to meet your requirements, however complex they may be.

Our success in the area of mechatronics is also guaranteed by our experience gained in e mobility projects and by the speed at which we work. Our famous HOLZER Speed.


Services in the electrical and mechatronic sector:

  • Design of electrical and mechatronics units and systems
  • Design, application and servicing of measuring sensor systems for test and prototype vehicles or test setups
  • Selection and sourcing of electrical parts
  • Design of top-quality cable assemblies and components
  • Assembly and programming of mechatronics systems
  • Installation and testing of hardware and software components
  • Mounting of cable assemblies and installation of electrical assemblies and components
  • Maintenance and optimisation of mechatronics systems
  • Repairs to cable assemblies and of electrical components

The electronic system in vehicles must not only represent a high-tech application but also comply with very special requirements in relation to resistance, temperature range, shock resistance and reliability.


As individual as the different manufacturers' vehicles are, as different are the layouts and operational principles of car electronic systems and the communication between the control units.


Despite all these differences, you may rely on one point: Onto our experience in the area of automobile electronics.


Services in the area automobile electronics

  • Selection and sourcing of electrical parts
  • New design of electrical systems in the vehicle
  • Production of top-quality cable assemblies
  • Production of electrical components
  • Application of strain gauges and sensor technology
  • Vehicle construction and installation of electrical systems
  • Repair of cable assemblies and electrical components
  • Servicing and maintenance of measuring and test setups.

100% quality control with state-of-the-art measuring machines


In our air-conditioned measuring centre, we provide 100% quality control and safety with certified measuring equipment – before, during and after the manufacturing process.

We are DIN-ISO 9001/2015 certified


Services in the area of quality control:

  • NDT: Non-destructive testing
  • Measuring of shape and position tolerances
  • Measuring of surface roughness
  • Preparation of measuring records

Test-bench setup:

  • Measurement and mounting plate 3000 x 6000 mm
  • Test area 1000 x 2000 mm for stiffness and fatigue resistant tests of components, using hydraulic or pneumatic PLC control
  • Transmission test bench
  • Steering test bench
  • 2 shock absorber test benches
  • All-wheel-drive test bench up to 450 kW (Maha)
  • Various measuring systems for adaptive equipment

Professionalism with speed.


Profit from our long-term experience in automotive services.


Whether for insurance, fleets or motorsport specific challenges: benefit from being able to obtain the following at one location: design, repair work, paintwork, installation solutions and maintenance.


An extract from our services in the area of automotive services:

  • Customer service for all makes of car
  • Emissions inspection
  • MOT general inspection
  • MOT inspection certificates
  • Hail damage / parking dents
  • Accident claims settlement
  • Body repair shop
  • Paintwork repairs
  • Catalytic converter retrofitting
  •  Air-conditioning shop
  • Performance tests
  • Vintage/Veteran Car restoration
  • Tyre service / rim service
  • Rim repair
  • Oil service
  • Car valeting and car wash
  • Special conversions
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Bodywork repair
  • Brake system service

Quality is not important - until you need it.


Mobility represents freedom as long as it is safe. In our target-oriented tests with a single vehicle or with fleets of vehicles ,we even go beyond  the legal requirements.


Services in the area of vehicle and component testing

  • Launch and first verification of functionality
  • Design, application and servicing of measuring sensor systems for test and prototype vehicles or test setups
  • Provision of various measuring systems for the order-related adaptive equipment
  • Organisation and evaluation of road tests
  • Stiffness and fatigue resistant tests of components, using hydraulic or pneumatic PLC control on a 1,000 x 2,000mm test area
  • Preparation of test reports
  • Fatigue durability validation
  • Determining further steps in product development

Unique motorsport events for you to enjoy. Powered by HOLZER.


Would you like to offer something really special to a large number of people so that they are really over the moon?  Then motorsport is undoubtedly the perfect platform for unforgettable experiences.


Make use of this absolutely unique atmosphere which creates long-term memories and strong relationships.

Emotion for your brand.


HOLZER has already organised a huge variety of high-class motorsport events. You can profit from our vast experience as a national and international organiser of motorsport events.


Full-service organisation of motorsport events:

  • Rallies
  • Cups
  • Touring car races
  • Sports car races
  • Off-road sport


We make success orderable. Nowhere else does this apply more so than on the race track.


For many years, our customers have relied upon our professionalism, speed, reliability and service without compromises.


We are enthusiastic about managing true challenges in a professional manner.


We provide full service teams for all categories of vehicles worldwide.

Everything is at the right place  at the right time.

Around the clock worldwide.


Smooth and reliable deliveries are an integral part of the true success of a project. Therefore, we provide you with professional logistic solutions totally adapted to your ideas and requirements.


For decades, our customers have relied upon our accuracy and just-in-time solutions.


Services in the area of logistics:

  • Supply of parts and logistics for motorsport teams
  • Recording of all relevant processes through ERP systems
  • Organisation, control and provision of processes for your flow of goods
  • Event logistics for major events
  • Fast response solutions with overnight deliveries
  • Individual inventory solutions
  • Internet-based systems for the handling of spare part orders
  • Permanent contact for spare part orders

For us service means partnership.


We are available for you at all times. We are ready to listen to your requests, and come to your rescue  even with overnight solutions for any kind of problems with which you are faced!




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