Discover our unique culture:

1. We make the seemingly impossible happen every day.

We start projects overnight and finalise them in an exemplary fashion. In doing so, we are not waiting for perfect circumstances!

We do not just philosophise, we get on with the job in hand!

Our enthusiam lies in managing real challenges in a professional manner.

Projects thus only seem to be impossible until we have completed them!

We set new standards.

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2. Motorsport and no cotton balls.

We do the coolest things: motorsport, aviation and industrial projects.

The best way to enjoy working is still realised through cooperating in a team, creating fantastic products and reaching breathtaking results.

We win as a Team

Our work thus remains interesting and full of variety without the need for artificial motivation. Everything we do … is cool!

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3. Despite the size... we still have a familiar atmosphere!

We love our excellent, congenial working atmosphere. The company culture at HOLZER is based on the spirit of team work.

So pleasure in mutual success is an important requirement to become a member of the HOLZER team.

We move through the company premises with a smile; enjoying the friendly atmosphere and are proud of our professional home.

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4. Always keep a cool head here.

We are experts for projects and challenges that are (too) demanding for others.

If you wish to celebrate success, sometimes you have to drive at full speed ahead. Being one of the gang is great but that is not the end of the story!

Our proven recipe  for the road to success: is keeping a cool head. We are thus able to achieve success without all the hustle and bustle of a stress-ridden environment yet in a professional manner.

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Will you fit into the Holzer team?

In our company, competent personalities make the seemingly impossible possible. No matter whether they have a training as an aircraft technician, office manager or mechanical engineer. We do the coolest things. Precise, just-in-time and we still enjoy family life. Despite the company's size, we continue to be friendly and familiar.

We win as a team.

Find out about our current job offers:

Our company headquarter is located at Bobingen near Augsburg.

We are proud of our region, which we promote and support actively. We enjoy working and living here!

This is how our customers regard us - Discover our business areas

HOLZER Motorsport

With HOLZER speed to success.

There is no other area in which professional speed, accuracy and quality plays such a decisive factor as in motorsport. Each second, each step counts not only on the race track and in the pit lane. Success depends also on a perfect preparation. It is the professional vehicle construction and an accurat and highly-flexible vehicle components logistic that finally pave the way for breathtaking driver performances.

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HOLZER Production

We create partnerships.

In our view, perfection is only the first step in the right direction. Our actual target is to inspire our partners. We therefore focus on an outstanding process transparency and speed as well as on worldwide logistics solutions.

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HOLZER Engineering

An engineering partner with new standards.

Professional success lies at the centre of our long-standing and mutually beneficial cutomer relationships, termed partnerships by our company.

Our partners' customers' satisfaction is the cornerstone of our design and development process.

In our development processes, it is always our target to provide real innovations.

This is why you can order innovation from us.

This is possible due to our innovation system which has grown over decades and which we put into practice for you every day.

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HOLZER Automotive Services

Decades of experience in automotive services.

Our modern,approved master workshop provides our customers with an unrivalled range of service subject to constant further development and quality assurance ranging from special series (development), complete reconstruction of vehicles, paintwork, performance testing to electronic engineering.

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