Engine Design

Mechanical Engineering

For our customers from the mechanical engineering sector we are a competent partner for efficient development, design, manufacture, optimizing as well as cost-down and reverse engineering.


Profit from our long-term experience in the development, manufacture and setup for example of special machines, large diesel engines and special vehicles.


Services in the area of machine construction:

HOLZER Production

You are looking for:

  • a production partner for your special series?
  • an outsourcing solution for the design of high-precision parts, for example made of aluminium, titanium or even much more resistant alloys?
  • a continuous supply of your product line with high-tech parts on demand, delivery within the shortest time possible.

How can we be of service?

We are convinced that perfection is only the first step. Our actual target is to inspire our partners.

We make success orderable.

Our services in the production area

HOLZER Engineering

Professional success lies at the centre of our long-standing and mutually beneficial cutomer relationships, termed partnerships by our company.

Our partners' customers' satisfaction is the cornerstone of our design and development process.

In our development processes, it is always our target to provide real innovations.

So you too can order innovation from us.

This is possible due to our innovation system which has grown over decades and which we put into practice for you every day.

We make success orderable.

Our services in the field of engineering


Hardly any  other product has changed mankind's daily life more than the car. For decades, the HOLZER Corporate Group has supported the automotive industry as a full-service enterprise on an international level. Amongst our customers are some of the most famous car manufacturers in the world.


We make success order able.

Our performances in the field of automotive


Flying is not only a dream come true for  mankind  but also an essential factor in the age of globalisation. The aviation industry is an innovative and significant high-tech industry that plays an essential role in the world of business and technology in Germany.


For years, the HOLZER Corporate Group has been supporting the aviation industry as a production and development partner.


With the production of high-precision components - if necessary over night - we contribute significantly to our customers' success.

We make success order able.

Our performances in the field of aviation


The manufacturing industry is global and it is a driving force in the development of our society. The higher the industrial automation and the level of technology are, the more important innovative thinking becomes.


Our engineers and our staff members again and again question conventional ways of thinking according to the motto: Where there is a will, there is a way!


Even if we and our partners are the first ones to follow this route.


We make success order able.

Our performances in the field of industry