Electronics / Mechatronics

Electronics / Mechatronics

Perfection is only our first step of many


In mechatronics especially, absolute precision is a must. At the interface between mechanics, electronics and informatics, we have developed know-how for you which is the key to success.

Our team of experts will only be too happy to meet your requirements, however complex they may be.

Our success in the area of mechatronics is also guaranteed by our experience gained in e mobility projects and by the speed at which we work. Our famous HOLZER Speed.


HOLZER Engineering

Professional success lies at the centre of our long-standing and mutually beneficial cutomer relationships, termed partnerships by our company.

Our partners' customers' satisfaction is the cornerstone of our design and development process.

In our development processes, it is always our target to provide real innovations.

So you too can order innovation from us.

This is possible due to our innovation system which has grown over decades and which we put into practice for you every day.

We make success orderable.

Our services in the field of engineering


Hardly any sport is as varied as motorsport. No wonder that it holds a fascination for people worldwide.


We are proud to have been part of the motorsport family for more than 35 years now. Motorsport is deeply embedded in the HOLZER Corporate Group staff's genes. In motorsport, we make the seemingly impossible possible for our partners. And without getting into a rush. We question conventional thinking patterns and thus achieve outstanding results and success.


Success = Speed x HOLZER

We make success order able.

Our performances in the field of motorsport

HOLZER Motorsport

In no other area does professional speed, accuracy and quality play such a decisive role as in motorsport. It is not only on the racetrack and in the pit lane where everything hinges on every second and every action. Preparation  plays a key role on the road to success. So professional vehicle construction,precision and highly-flexible car part logistics smooth the way for breath-taking driver performances.

We make success orderable.

Our services in the field of motorsport